Stonehenge Story Starts: Solemnly Thunderous Strings (Results)

Happy Saturday!  We hope you’re enjoying some nice summer weather, wherever you’re reading this.  We have one story for you this week, which we hope you’ll enjoy!

This week’s prompt was:

A story using the words “thunderous,” “solemn” and “strings” (Prompt courtesy of @writingprompts)


Karen Blakely has a follow-up piece to her story of last week, again featuring the heroine of her upcoming novella, Red.

I’d been working on Grandmother’s cottage in the woods for months now, ever since I’d stumbled on it. That’s where I spent most of my days off.

I hadn’t planned to come today, not with the storm coming in. I remembered all too well the first time I’d been here – how the rain came into the bedroom, feeding the moss, further decaying all the organic materials in the room.

I’d planned to stay home where it was warm and dry, but I’d been restless and edgy. I’d finally tired of looking around my living room. It was boring. Sterile. It looked more like a hotel room than the home of a grown woman who’d lived there for nearly five years. Seeing how little I’d done in that space to make it homey like Mom or Grandmother would have made my skin feel too tight.

How could I not have noticed it before? Mom had always accused me of willful blindness. I hadn’t understood what she’d meant by that before, but now, looking around my apartment, I finally got it. I hadn’t wanted to make this look like a home. I was still too resentful of losing Mom, and having to sell our house and most of our possessions to pay her medical bills.

And recognizing that made me feel worse.

That’s what drove me out into the thunderstorm, driving my four-wheel drive SUV deep into the woods, sometimes not sure if I would get stuck in the muddy ruts of the forest service road. But I made it within a couple miles of Grandmother’s house, and hiked the rest of the way.

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Stonehenge Story Starts: Overgrown Room (Results)

We hope you’re enjoying your weekend!  We have two brief, fairy tale-inspired stories for you today in response to our weekly prompt.

This week’s prompt was visual:


Karen Blakely has another piece featuring the heroine of her upcoming novel, Red.

When I first caught sight of the house, there were no visible signs of damage. I heaved a sigh of relief at the sight of shelter; the storm was nearly upon me. The first drops of rain had just started to fall. At least I had somewhere I could stay dry.

There was something oddly familiar about the house, but I was sure I’d never been there before. It was deep inside the woods, beyond my normal patrol area; in the no-man’s land between where I patrolled and Nick Ratchet’s assigned area.

I knocked, but there was no answer. Instead, the door creaked open under my hand.

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Stonehenge Story Starts: What Big Eyes You Have… (Results)

Welcome back for another week of stories!  Today we have three fun takes on Little Red Riding Hood to share with you.

This week’s prompt was: Retell the story of Little Red Riding Hood from a new angle–try any genre you like, such as science fiction, romance or horror.


R.A. Gates has the beginning of a new Laney and Kody story, characters you’ve met on this blog before.

“Are you busy next Saturday?” Kody asked Laney as they walked home from school on a crisp October evening.

“Of course,” Laney said absently, trying to recast a warming spell on her sweater. The one she cast as they left school had already worn off, and they’d only walked five blocks. Once she had feeling back in her arms, she glanced over at her friend. “You know I work at the bookstore every weekend. Why?”

Kody shrugged as he kept his gaze forward as they walked. “I was just wondering if you wanted to go to a party with me, that’s all.”

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