Launch Day: Entr’acte & Guardian Collection

They’re here!  If you want to complete your bookshelf of Guardian of the Opera stories, today’s the day.  We’ve been counting down, and now it’s launch day.  You can buy your own Kindle copy of Entr’acte, or get a paperback or Kindle collection of Entr’acte, Overture and The Confessions of Christine Daae in one volume.

If you haven’t yet started the series, we have good news for you too: Book 1, Nocturne, is free on Kindle right now!  The deal only lasts through the weekend, so don’t miss it.

In case you missed it earlier, here are descriptions for each of the new releases:


Fans of the Guardian of the Opera trilogy will enjoy this assortment of bonus material. Featuring deleted scenes, essays and an extended author interview, it adds new layers to the trilogy, as well as providing the chance to spend a little more time with favorite characters. Spend Christmas at the Opera Garnier with Erik and Meg, gain new insight into Jammes with a bonus chapter from her point of view, and learn the stories behind the objects in the Phantom’s parlor. Enjoy these and more in this special companion to the series.


Bundled together for the first time, this collection offers in one place the companion stories and bonus materials related to The Guardian of the Opera trilogy. Overture gives glimpses into the earlier lives of the principal characters years before their most famous story began, with three short stories focused on Erik, building the Opera Garnier; Meg Giry, dreaming of dancing; and Christine Daae, a young girl on the beach with her scarf. The Confessions of Christine Daae retells the primary trilogy from her point of view, unmasking her true feelings throughout. Entr’acte offers bonus materials in deleted scenes, essays and an extended author interview. Fans of the trilogy will enjoy these extra opportunities to enter the world of the Phantom of the Opera.


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