The Phantom of the Opera Reading and Viewing Challenge

One of our writers (who is also planning her own Phantom book release in 2020) is hosting a reading challenge for next year on her blog. All are welcome to participate!

Tales of the Marvelous

Are you intrigued by a masked man in the shadows?  Love being swept away by stirring musical tragedies?  Want to visit 1880s Paris?  Then this challenge is for you!

Join us to venture below the Opera Garnier and across the underground lake for a Phantom of the Opera Reading and Viewing Challenge.  Since Gaston Leroux’s first publication of The Phantom of theOpera in 1909, the story has been told, retold and continued dozens of times, on the screen, on the stage, and on the page.  Get a little more Phantom into your life in 2020 by participating in this challenge to go exploring through the many versions of the Phantom.  Maybe you’ll meet a new phan friend, or find a new version of the story to love.

I want this above all to be fun, so the rules (which are really more guidelines) are simple and, I hope…

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SCW Planning Meeting

The best things happen over pizza!

Several of our writers gathered tonight–including two by virtual presence–to talk about upcoming plans.  We have a website in the works, tossed around ideas about book trailers, and we’ll have bios coming along soon too…plus more!

Magnus Victor, R. A. Gates, Sara Knudson (computer), Kelly Haworth (computer), Karen Blakely, Jessie Bartels and Mattias Bergman