Dawn Melody Count-Down: 3 Days

It’s almost here!  Dawn Melody, the final book in our author Cheryl Mahoney’s Guardian of the Opera trilogy, will be out this Friday, December 4th!  We’re counting down this week with a new quote each day.

One of the major themes of the trilogy is being seen by others – “seen” in the mostly metaphorical sense of being recognized, known and accepted for who you really are.  Although with a hero with a facial deformity, literally being seen is a complicated thing for him too!  Erik asks Meg about this at one point in the third book, quoted below – but you’ll have to read the book for more context and how she responds!

Catch up on the story by reading Book One, Nocturne, Book Two, Accompaniment, and the special prequel short story collection, OvertureAnd get your copy of Dawn Melody on December 4th!


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