Pre-Orders Available for Audrey Murphy

The newest Stonehenge Circle Writers release, Audrey Murphy by Karen Blakely, will be out on January 15th.  You can pre-order the Kindle edition now!

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Here’s a little more about the story:

Newcomer Andie Murray enjoyed feeling nearly invisible until three of the most popular girls challenged her to spend an entire night in the town’s haunted house.

Andie doesn’t believe in haunted houses. Which is good, because she’ll be staying in the same place where the town’s vengeful ghost died, exactly one hundred years before. To the day.

People in town still argue whether Audrey’s death was an accident or suicide – or murder.

The house has been abandoned ever since. It crouches at the end of Pierce Road like something wounded. The porch sags to one side. The shutters hang askew. Only weeds and rot grow there now.

But something is brooding inside.

Andie is supposed to stay in the house until dawn. If she can. But will she be staying there alone? Will the ghost haunt her through the empty, decaying halls — like she’s haunted Andie’s dreams? Or could the house, or someone else, have different plans? Should Andie be afraid that ghosts are real, or is someone real what she should really fear? Could she end up dead, like

Audrey Murphy

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