Meet the Authors: Cheryl Mahoney

Our new release, The Servants and the Beast, will be out Friday, June 28th  (pre-order your copy!)  We’re counting down to release day by introducing you to the authors and characters of this collaborative novella.

Cheryl Mahoney is seen here with Hugo Livre, the castle librarian, who found himself trapped in a painting after the curse took effect.  He is profoundly grateful that his painting is at least in the library, where he can reach the books (you understand his priorities).  Hugo narrates Chapter Three of the novella, as a visitor to the cursed castle disrupts his reading.

Standing beside Cheryl is Archambault, the footman-turned-coat rack, stylish in his signature pink color.  And if you look closely, you may glimpse a representation of the Good Fairy on the bookcase in the background…but you probably don’t want to meet her!

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