Stonehenge Story Starts: Betrayal in the Air (Results)

Welcome back for today’s stories!

This week’s prompt was: “Write a story using the words ‘traitor’ and ‘sky.’ (courtesy of @writingprompts)

Today we have two short stories, both science fiction but still taking the prompt in different directions.


Cheryl Mahoney:

“I’m telling you,” Gretchen fumed, “that traitor left us here deliberately and just flew off into the sky without us.”

“I’m sure it was some kind of misunderstanding and she’ll be back soon,” Henry said placidly, sitting on his log in the middle of the forest and continuing to read a novel on his handheld viewer.

Gretchen sighed, loudly, and went on pacing the clearing.  How someone as trusting as Henry had ever got into the pirate business amazed her on a daily basis.  It was a wonder no one had killed him before this, although his ability to fix literally anything broken on a spaceship, from the engine to the ever-important coffeemaker, had probably preserved his life more than once.

She blamed herself mostly.  It had seemed like the smart choice to go with the captain down to the planet to pick up the pay drop.  To make sure nothing disappeared before it got back to the ship.  She’d even volunteered, for space’s sake.  In retrospect, it seemed painfully obvious that the captain would see this as a good opportunity to split the money two fewer ways.

“She’s not coming back, Henry,” she snapped.  “And unless you know how to build a spaceship out of rocks and twigs, we’re stranded.”

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