Counting Down to Plot Twists: 7 Days to Go!

Our new anthology release, Plot Twists, is coming on October 15th, and we’re counting down! This week we’ve been sharing some hints at the stories within the anthology. Today’s quote is from the fourth story, written by Ingrid Victoria.


Cover Reveal: Plot Twists

We’re thrilled today to show you the amazing cover for our upcoming Stonehenge Circle Writers anthology!  Before we show it to you, here’s a little about the book:

Down forgotten alleyways and quiet streets, mysterious bookstores only reveal themselves to people who need the special volumes on their shelves. People who are lonely, people who are lost, or people who want an unforgettable experience, find themselves inexplicably drawn to particular works. The keepers of the books, just as strange as the stores themselves, will ask: 

“Where would you venture inside the Phantom’s Opera?” 

“Have you dreamed of sitting at Arthur’s Round Table?” 

“Would you dare to meet Frankenstein?” 

Follow nine authors as they weave tales of characters finding exactly what they need, expected or not, inside the pages of a book. With stories across the ages explored: from the heroes of the Iliad, to the madness of Alice’s Wonderland, to the horror of H.P. Lovecraft, adventure awaits. 

So get your favorite French wine, or heart-shaped tart, and dive into a good book.  


Nine of our authors have taken this great concept in different directions, and we think you’ll love the truly unique book that has been created as a result.

And now…the cover art!

Look for the book to release in Kindle and paperback October 15th!

Coming Soon: Plot Twists

We’re excited to share the news about an upcoming release: Plot Twists, a Stonehenge Circle Writers anthology.  We think you’ll love this collaboration between nine of our authors.  Come back October 1st for the cover reveal and a little more about what to expect from this short story collection!

Authors We Love

We invited the Stonehenge Circle Writers to share a few of their favorite authors – apart from each other, of course! Check out their top choices, and share your favorites with us too.

Cheryl Mahoney: L. M. Montgomery, J. M. Barrie, Terry Pratchett

Karen Blakely: J. D. Robb, Mary Stewart, Tanya Huff, (with Annette Marie close behind)

Ingrid Victoria: Patricia C. Wrede, Terry Pratchett, David Weber

Michael Panush: James Ellroy, China Mieville, Elmore Leonard

Kelly Haworth: Catherynne Valente, CB Lee, John Green

R.A. Gates: Richelle Mead, Shel Silverstein, Cassandra Clare

When I Was Young: Favorite Childhood Books of Stonehenge Circle Writers

We recently invited the Stonehenge Circle Writers to share their favorite books when they were children.  Read on for reflections on beloved books of childhood.

Cheryl Mahoney: From the age of ten to twelve, the funniest book I had ever read was I Want to Go Home! by Gordon Korman.  I read it twelve times (I kept a count).  I’ve read it again since, and it’s still funny!

Karen Blakely: I was nearly eight when I read A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle. I loved it so much I decided then and there that I was going to be a writer some day. And I’ve never changed my mind. 

Ingrid Victoria: Sometime around age 8, my parents borrowed an audiobook version of The Dragonslayers by Bruce Coville from the library. I loved all the jokes and twists on classic fairy tale tropes, and kept reborrowing it so many times that my parents bought me my own copy for my birthday. I still read all goblins and giant spiders in the voices used in that audiobook.

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Book Launch: The Confessions of Christine Daaé (A Guardian of the Opera Companion Story)

Our author Cheryl Mahoney has a new novella out today: The Confessions of Christine Daaé. Readers of Cheryl’s Guardian of the Opera series will enjoy this companion piece, retelling the story from Christine’s point of view – and her thoughts and motivations are rarely what they seem on the surface…

Get your copy here!

This novella is currently only available digitally, although if you’re a paper book reader Cheryl intends to eventually put out a print collection with this story, the prequel and some extra goodies too.

For now, here’s a bit more about the story:

The Phantom’s story has always been one of intrigue and deception, of faces that don’t match the souls behind them – but it may not be the man in the mask who has the most to hide. Readers of the Guardian of the Opera series have already met this very unusual take on Christine Daaé through the eyes of Meg Giry and the Phantom himself. Here you’re invited to learn more than Meg or Erik could ever tell, as Christine finally shares her own story.

Starting with her impoverished childhood with her violinist father, through meeting the young Vicomte de Chagny, and on to the famous disaster at the Opera Garnier, Christine unfolds her true thoughts and feelings. Far from a helpless victim in events, in these pages you’ll find a Christine who knows exactly what she’s doing every step of the way. Why did she really take the Phantom’s mask off? Did she love Raoul or the Phantom? Who or what did she care about most? Read The Confessions of Christine Daaé for a look behind Christine’s carefully concealed mask.

Book Launch: Dawn Melody (Guardian of the Opera 3)

We‘ve been counting down for the new release by our author Cheryl Mahoney, and today is launch day! Dawn Melody, Book Three in Cheryl’s Guardian of the Opera trilogy, released today and you can order your copy  now.

You can choose your preferred format:

Hardback ($35.99)*
Paperback ($14.49)
Kindle ($6.99)

*You can buy the hardback at 15% off direct from the printer if you order today – use the code THANKS15 to save!

We’re excited to share this new book with you!  This trilogy has been many years in the writing.  If you’ve enjoyed the first two, we’d love to hear about it, and we look forward to hear what you think of the conclusion.

For now, here’s a little more about the story in this volume:

With the Phantom of the Opera dead, Erik tries to discover what role still exists for him at the Opera Garnier—or if there is one. Sure that he can never belong in the outside world, he questions if he can still belong inside the Opera either. And also to wonder why it bothers him so much when Meg spends more and more time with the handsome Léon de Troyes.

Fighting feelings she’s sure she shouldn’t have for Erik, Meg tries to balance a friendship with him, a flirtation with Léon, and her dreams about a life beyond the corps de ballet. But even a ballerina can’t keep her balance forever, and events escalate as their fragile dance begins to fall apart. And neither Meg nor Erik suspect that Commissaire Mifroid—and Christine Daaé—may still have plans of their own.