Stonehenge Story Starts: Tampering with the Mail (Prompt)

Welcome to Stonehenge Story Starts, a weekly writing prompt and story sharing opportunity.  Each week, we post a writing prompt: an opening line, a concept, a plot hook, maybe an image.  The following Saturday, we’ll post again with the writing the prompt inspired.

This week’s prompt is: You open your neighbor’s mail–what do you find?

(Prompt courtesy of @tabloprompts)

Our writers will be writing for the prompts, but anyone is welcome to participate!  Just come by on Sunday to see the week’s prompt, write during the week, and send any writing you’d like to share to by the following Friday at 8 pm.  On Saturday we’ll post participants’ writing (with credit to the author, of course).

Write as much or as little as you choose: a paragraph, a flash fiction piece (less than 1,000 words) or a short story.  (Note, for long writing, we may choose to post only a selection.)  You are encouraged to be as creative as possible with the writing prompts.  Try to do something unexpected, or explore a particular genre like science fiction or historical fiction.  Take the prompt literally, or decide it’s a metaphor.  Your only limit is your own imagination.

Happy writing!


If you like to plan ahead, next week’s prompt will be: You got on a bus and woke up in a strange town where things seem a little wrong (Prompt courtesy of

Stonehenge Story Starts: What Big Eyes You Have… (Results)

Welcome back for another week of stories!  Today we have three fun takes on Little Red Riding Hood to share with you.

This week’s prompt was: Retell the story of Little Red Riding Hood from a new angle–try any genre you like, such as science fiction, romance or horror.


R.A. Gates has the beginning of a new Laney and Kody story, characters you’ve met on this blog before.

“Are you busy next Saturday?” Kody asked Laney as they walked home from school on a crisp October evening.

“Of course,” Laney said absently, trying to recast a warming spell on her sweater. The one she cast as they left school had already worn off, and they’d only walked five blocks. Once she had feeling back in her arms, she glanced over at her friend. “You know I work at the bookstore every weekend. Why?”

Kody shrugged as he kept his gaze forward as they walked. “I was just wondering if you wanted to go to a party with me, that’s all.”

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Launch Party: The Servants and the Beast

The new novella from Stonehenge Circle Writers, The Servants and the Beast, launched on Friday, June 28th.  We hosted a launch party with all five authors of this collaborative novella.  The authors signed books and gave a short presentation on how they came to write this very special book.

If you’re now regretting that you weren’t there, we’ll have a video up soon of the presentation!  Today, we’re delighted to share some great photos from this wonderful event.

And don’t forget to get your own copy of The Servants and the Beast!

The Authors: Cheryl Mahoney, R. A. Gates, Kelly Haworth, Jenniffer Lee and Karen Blakely

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